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I am a medical doctor with over 25 years of experience and a certified applied kinesiologist and certified in Acute Homeotherapeutics..

I have discovered that I can help most people heal.

For a body to be healthy it needs to have balance in three things: the physical, diet and emotional.

As an applied kinesiologist I check and make corrections for all three, including the energy body (aura, chakra, meridians)

I use an ioncleanse foot  bath for detoxification of toxins accumulated since birth.

I also use homeopathic remedies using classical homeopathy when needed.

It is my experience I can help the body heal naturally on all aspects of health.

Healing will take time and is not a quick fix.

Several sessions will be needed.

Most benefits of healing will be seen within three month.

For more chronic illness more time will be needed.

I invite you to schedule your first consultation so you may experience the nature of good health.

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Applied Kinesiology


Applied Kinesiology has been known to be a natural, noninvasive holistic approach to assess the bodies physical, biochemical, mental/emotional and energetic components and to apply treatment. This treatment is very specific for each individual as each of us is very unique. This process is completed through a manual muscle testing technique that evaluates innate muscle responses for the presence of any imbalance among the bodys meridians.

Once any cause for imbalance has been identified through the applied kinesiology response technique, an appropriate therapy or combination of natural treatments can be determined.

For biochemical balance, Applied Kinesiology can detect deficiencies in Nutrition and find the right supplements and or specific foods that will help rebalance the body. These deficiencies could be certain Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids or anything that is blocking the energy flow. An imbalance could also be caused by heavy metal toxicity, candida overgrowth or parasites. Applied Kinesiology can help identify these imbalances and help the body in clearing and releasing them. Applied Kinesiology can also help in rebalancing the bodys primary neurotransmitters and hormones.

In this manner Applied Kinesiology can address a large variety of health issues such as weak immune system, food sensitivities & allergies, challenges with digestion such as SIBO, (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), leaky gut, ileocecal syndrome, sugar metabolism, adrenal burnout, Insomnia, headaches, pain & inflammation, brain health, cardiovascular health and nerve blockages.

Once blockages have been removed and the body is placed into an optimal environment, the body can heal.

Questions are invited.

Disclaimer: Applied Kinesiology is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition.


The wonderment of nature and good health



An ongoing continuous process occurring at the cellular level. Different steps are involved. Each step building to the next step of better health.

Our Programs

Applied Kinesiology


A natural, noninvasive holistic approach to assess and heal the body at the physical, nutritional, emotional/mental and energetic level.

IonCleanse Detox Footbath


A gentle but powerful detoxification process that is part of an Applied Kinesiology session



Known for over 200 years since Samuel Hahnemann to heal at the energetic level. It helps heal the soul.

Body, Mind and Soul


Our body heals naturally. Complete healing involves all aspects of our being.



Healing is natural, holistic and gentle. Each modality brings about a deeper level of healing.

Health and Wellness


It is a process involving different directions to resolve.


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