What is the cost per session?

For a one hour session in Applied Kinesiology the cost is 160.00

For a 90 minute session in Applied Kinesiology the cost is 240.00

The first session is an Introductory session and would take about 120 - 180 minutes. An IonCleanse Detox would be included.

After that most sessions would be about 1 hour, unless the healing is more extensive and would need 1.5 hours or 2 hours. The IonCleanse Detox Footbath is part of each session. 

Surrogate Testing: the rate is 200.00 for one hour and 400.00 for 120 minutes introductory session.

For the IonCleanse Footbath the time for that part of the session may vary depend on the individual, age and health condition from 10 to 30 minutes. 

For conditions with contraindications to the IonCleanse an other way of detoxification will be used.

Credit card and cash only

A session

May involve Applied Kinesiology, and detoxification and as needed bach flower remedy or Homeopathic remedies, It may also involve  other modalities as indicated.

Each are different avenues of healing. They work together to amplify and create synergies of healing and better health.

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