What Can I Hope To Expect?


An introductory session into your healing

Everybody has their own Frequency of Health and their own Cadence of Healing.
Frequency is influenced by Tradition and Heritage and Mind-Body Connection and connection to life.
Cadence is founded in tradition and influenced by DNA and Heritage, as well as the immune system and thinking.

We will know how long it takes as we go along.

Here is that you have come in for the introductory session.

Applied Kinesiology is complex because everyone is complex.
Applied Kinesiology has been known down through the ages to improve health.
It will help the condition to improve, heal or vanish.

But every person is different.

Its a process, its a journey back to health. It may take one session or more or many.


Everyone is different. The session time and frequency may vary depending on age and individual health condition. A individuals session will most likely be experienced as a time for relaxation and a pleasant warm footbath. After a session one may feel lighter, have more energy and experience a greater feeling of wellbeing. Individuals with health conditions may experience dramatic results after only one session.

Please wear comfortable pants that can be easily rolled up to your knees.


There isn't any need to disrobe in any shape or form.
You must stay in the cloth or clothing that you come with.

Sometimes it is necessary for a person to be tested without their shoes.

Please drink 2 glasses of water before you come to be hydrated. Also, water is available. Naturopathic Holistic Medicine in Santa Monica Applied Kinesiology in Santa Monica