Surrogate testing and balancing is a technique used in Applied Kinesiology when working with a person who is unable to test directly.


The person with the condition to be healed and balanced is not the person directly being tested. Instead the testing and balancing will be done on a willing person acting as a surrogate instead.

The person to be healed will receive all the benefits of healing and balancing.


1. Children and Infants: 

Children younger then 12 years of age have an immature nervous system that is not yet fully developed.

2. Certain illnesses:

Certain conditions may affect the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body in such a way that direct testing on that person is not possible.

Examples: Cerebral palsy, MS, Parkinson, Quadri/tetraplegia, Coma and others.


Someone impartial willing to be acting as a surrogate. 

Parents: A mother or father can act as a surrogate. 

A too strong emotional involvement would preclude one from being a good surrogate.

The surrogate will need to be tested and balanced first. This will allow them to act as a neutral channel. The information and healing energy will easily go through them.

Surrogate testing can be done safely and effectively.